Rachel + Larissa

Engagement + Elopement

i read a quote the other day that said “put yourself in their shoes. love  whomever you want with every ounce of your heart, and do so ever so kindly, freely, and love HARD.”

that’s exactly how R + L love. Their love is captivating, deep, and overall passionate.

creating with them was a dream come true. there are so many beautiful moments from this elopement that are breathtaking. This particular moment in the car will forever be my favorite part from this day.

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this moment was so spontaneous. R looked at me and said “what if we took pictures in the car?” literally say no more! music started playing with minimal word’s spoken. i captured them being so deeply in love. R + L only focus was being able to share this moment with each other.

my goal is to give minimal direction when it comes to couple’s. i want to always be the photographer that captures what’s true. i crave to tell your story in the most authentic way possible.

i’m forever grateful that i was able to be a part of their love story. i’m grateful they chose me to walk with them through their journey. my heart is so full from this day. i will always hold R + L close to my heart.

let’s create timeless photos forever and ever. 2.2.22 🕊

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I revel in this seenness
Affection doused mahogany
Is there another word for “affection”?

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